• Only YOU Boutique Hotel (Madrid)

    Lounge & Dining

    You create the atmosphere.
    We want you to have fun, relax, relish and above all enjoy a dynamic space that changes constantly according to the different times of the day; a space which adapts itself to you, to what you want to share in that moment with us.

    • YOUnique

      You’ll experience a new concept combining the city’s most traditional and authentic food with modern cuisine, all summarised in an ever-changing menu, which will constantly surprise you with new flavours, sensations and experiences. 
      The perfect setting for enjoying a coffee, drink or dinner in a fun and different way for business or pleasure.

    • Music&Temtations

      Music plays a key role in this venue and will change with the demands of every time of the day, starting with relaxing music in the morning which will gradually pick up pace as night falls.
      This is the ideal place to relax and enjoy a glass of wine after a long day’s work. A place you’ll want to see and be seen in.