• Don’t stay at home

    From 21/02/2017 to 31/03/2017
    Run away this weekend

    Ayre Hotels offers you 6 exciting destinations for your next getaway. Choose between Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla, Cordoba and Oviedo; in all of them you can find the Ayre’s Hotel perfect for you with an incredible price. Prepare the suitcase and select destination.

    Don’t hesitate, we are waiting for you!

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    • Ayre Hotel Caspe (Barcelona)
      from 110€
    • Ayre Hotel Gran Vía (Barcelona)
      from 99€
    • Ayre Hotel Rosellón (Barcelona)
      from 159€
    • Ayre Gran Hotel Colón (Madrid)
      from 80€
    • Ayre Hotel Astoria Palace (Valencia)
      from 65€
    • Ayre Hotel Sevilla (Sevilla)
      from 70€
    • Ayre Hotel Córdoba (Córdoba)
      from 55€
    • Ayre Hotel Oviedo (Oviedo)
      from 75€
    • Ayre Hotel Alfonso II (Oviedo)
      from 55€
    • Ayre Hotel Ramiro I (Oviedo)
      from 55€