• Ayre Hotel Oviedo (Oviedo)


    We thought of making merge the pleasure, the tradition and the cheerfulness of this city, in a modern executive, filled new ideas and dishes at the same time sophisticated and innovative.

    • El Bistró

      The crown jewel is the innovating Restaurant “El Bistró ". A concept of restoration very creative and at the same time accessible to everybody.

      You’ll find the best products of local country prepared in an oven cooking in the campfire, and which gives to the cooking, this unique flavor which looks back to us so much on the traditional cooking of former days.

      You will have the choice between individual dishes but also dishes to be shared to be able to taste several varieties of dishes, products and flavors, while creating a friendly atmosphere.
      Finally, you can end smoothly by savoring one of our delicious home-made desserts, or one of our original cocktails.

      If you stay within the Hotel AYRE Oviedo, come to discover our exceptional and sophisticated flavors.

      Schedules: from Tuesday to Saturday, of 13:00 in 16:00 and of 20:00 in 23:30

      Telephone: +34 985964777