In the area of Buenavista near the administrative headquarters of the regional government, the general hospital of Asturias, the Campo de San Francisco park, the city's main shopping area and the old quarter.

Within very easy access of the A66 (dual carriageway from Madrid) and the ringroad which connects the city with Gijón, Avilés, Asturias airport and the autovía del Cantábrico dual carriageway.

The complex includes a car park, shopping centre and exhibition centre all within the one complex.


  • Ayre Hotel Oviedo (Oviedo)
    Calle Policarpo Herrero s/n., 33006, Oviedo - Spain
    Tel.: +34 985 964777 - Fax: +34 985 964776
    Email: cmVzZXJ2YXMub3ZpZWRvQGF5cmVob3RlbGVzLmNvbQ==

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Do you know Oviedo?
Oviedo is a city situated on the north ledge of the Iberic peninsula, Capital of the Principality of Asturias. Situated inside the Principality, between the coast and the mountain range, it is the cultural and administrative capital of the region. A welcoming city, with an extraordinary cultural and historic heritage, awarded a lot of time for its excellent preservation of the urban environment.
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