The Ayre Hotel Córdoba is situated in exclusive residential area known as El Brillante. The city's elite district, populated by beautiful Andalusian mansions and gardened areas with beautiful views of the city centre, just 7 minutes from the centre.

The Ayre Hotel Córdoba is built within a gardened estate covering an area of over 30,000 m2. Its gardens offer vast open spaces, gardens, pool, tennis courts, an open-air restaurant and a large car park for guests. It is a real oasis in the city, an urban resort in a city with World Heritage status.



  • Ayre Hotel Córdoba (Córdoba)
    C/ Poeta Alonso Bonilla, 3, 14012, Córdoba - Spain
    Tel.: +34 957 767476 -
    Email: Y29yZG9iYUBheXJlaG90ZWxlcy5jb20=

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Do you know Cordoba?
All the city is a brilliant and preserved well jewel, from its historical downtown to the beautiful surroundings. The Spanish and Arabic History is reflected in Its Roman Bridge, in its Mosque and in the new managerial zones that spread along The Guadalquivir river.
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