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    Logistics is the quality which makes AYRE HOTELES stand out from the rest, with the best technical and audiovisual systems. We aren't happy with just offering you the most suitable venues for your project, as well as the most versatile and advanced technology... we also help you to prepare and implement your programme with planning and precision. Every day, every moment, every minute should meet your expectations. To ensure this, we are involved from the start and offer you the experience you need to concentrate on the creativity of the event. You'll also have the best staff, tried and tested, who are used to the venue. What's more, all this comes with the high quality of our Catering service, which will be your main asset in working lunches, cocktail parties and gala dinners. If your event is being held in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Seville, Córdoba or Oviedo, AYRE HOTELES is a safe bet.

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