• Statement against domestic violence

    • domestic violence
      Statement against domestic violence

      Almost two years after the launching of the "Companies for a Society Free from Domestic Violence" initiative, the participating companies want to renew our commitment to achieving a society equal among men and women, respectful of the fundamental rights and free of any type of  violence against women.
      In the setting of the awareness campaign , "There’s a way out of domestic violence" – promoted by the  Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality – and taking on the fundamental roles of broadcasters and agents for social change, multiple activities have been launched with the goal of making employees, customers and suppliers aware.
      These activities have been far-reaching, and through this joint statement, the companies participating in the initiative renew our commitment to achieving a  society free of domestic violence  and we manifest our will to continue developing awareness activities that contribute to this cause.
      We also want to continue upholding the message of hope that this campaign conveys, so that the women who suffer from abuse know that they are not alone, that society supports them and that there is a way out of domestic violence.

      Only through joint efforts will we achieve an increasingly fair and equal society among men and women.

      domestic violence

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