• Best Price Guarantee Online

    Ayrehoteles.com guarantees that you will not find our hotels at lower prices on any other web page.

    If you find a price lower than the lowest price offered on Ayrehoteles.com, within 24 hours after booking through the www.ayrehoteles.com website, after verifying it, Ayre Hoteles will discount the difference at the end of your stay at the hotel and also compensate you with 10%!

    To use the best price guarantee, follow these simple steps and fill out the form below:

    1.- Book a room in an Ayre Hoteles hotel through Ayrehoteles.com.
    2.- Within the next 24 hours, you find a lower price for the same hotel, for the same type of room and for the same date, with availability and are able to book the room online through another website.
    3.- Fill out our form.
    4.- After verifying that the lower price is available and can be booked on another website, we will discount the difference plus 10% at the end of your stay at the hotel.

    Please fill out the form below. All the information is needed to process your request.