Barcelona combines a good climate, art and culture, cuisine and a full range of options for conference and business tourism. A city where life flows in many human manifestations, where you needn't do anything more than just sit and soak up its suggestive modernity. In the heart -Las Ramblas- you will find the essence of Barna in the form of street musicians, painters, human statues and kiosks of flowers... The Freedom is also based on Art in over 50 museums and galleries, and in its nine buildings declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. AYRE HOTELES has three magnificent 4 star hotels in Barcelona: Rosellón, Gran Vía and Caspe. Discover the personality of each of them and choose the one you'll enjoy the most.

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Barcelona is characterized by mild temperatures, with minimum of 8 ° C in winter and 29º C in summer, make Barcelona an ideal city to enjoy all year round.
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