• Ayre Hoteles

    Our philosophy


    A new style of urban hotels, in the heart of our cities, all in the 4 star category, connected with our world, designed to combine functionality, comfort and style. Hotels where people are the priority, our raison d'être.

    They are hotels with their own personality which constantly evolve with the times and new trends. The philosophy which is intrinsically linked to the Ayre name evokes simplicity, freshness, functionality, new ideas and new energy.

    Our VISION is to establish ourselves as a leading hotel company for guests to enjoy and the company of choice for professionals for work, initiating change and developing a social and environmental commitment.

    In the same way, we have set ourselves the MISSION of becoming an urban hotel company where our guests and teams share happy experiences, with a fresh and dynamic "Ayre", achieving sustainable profitability.

    Ayre Hoteles is the urban hotel brand of the Palladium Hotel Group. It currently offers a portfolio of 11 hotels situated in key cities in Spain such as Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Valencia, Córdoba and Oviedo.

    Since the brand's launch in 2006, Ayre Hoteles has developed management procedures and tools which make it one of the most dynamic Spanish urban hotel brands with solid growth during these years.
    The group owns most of the hotels of the brand but combines the model with leases and management contracts for other investors.

    The plans for expansion of the brand involve new projects in key cities at a national and international level, with priority given to cities in Europe and the Americas.